Simona Cremonini – “The Fairy Painter”

a fantasy novel based on Victorian Fairy Painting

The Fairy Painter, UK English back cover:

Simona Cremonini is author of:

– non-fiction books based on Italian folklore (Garda Lake legends, wine&food legends) and literature
– 3 fantasy novels (witch trilogy) inspired by Garda Lake legends (all published in Italy)
– 2 fantasy novels (dilogy) inspired by Victorian fairy painting (both published in Italy; “The Fairy Painter” was translated into UK English by a native language translator; the UK English version is unpublished)
– 1 supernatural mistery novel inspired by legends about death from French Brittany (unpublished)

You can send a request to

[email protected]

to receive the whole “The Fairy Painter” novel in the UK English version.